Allied Machinery is a Gray and Ductile Iron foundry specializing in many standard ASME, ASTM and SAE classes of these irons and have the capability of alloying to many other customer-requested chemistries.

Are you unsure which one is best for you? Here are some differences between each one.

Gray Iron
  • Good wear properties
  • Typically utilized in the strength properties due to its compression characteristics
  • Good conductor of heat — think engine block
  • Can dampen vibrations better due to its graphite flakes
  • More castable because it has a better shrink factor (allows for smaller and fewer risers)
Ductile Iron
  • Good tensile, yield and elongation properties
  • Will deform before fracturing
  • Typically utilized for its ability to be more structural
  • Can be used in either tension or compression, allowing it to replace steel in some designs

Allied Machinery has a metallurgist that has been working in the foundry industry since 1988. They run the onsite lab that is used to test the sand and different types of metal that are used daily. This lab has microscopes, a spectrograph, hardness testers and other equipment used to ensure the metal quality and customer requirements. The results from the tests are documented and utilized for process control and customer certification of production. Based on customer requirements, 1st piece qualification (PPAP) is completed on each new casting to our facility.

To meet each specific customer’s requirements, Allied Machinery has the ability to pour a variety of different Gray and Ductile Irons and can add a variety of alloys.If a customer is unsure of exactly what type of iron to be used for their parts, Allied Machinery can sit down with them and go over the geometry of the part along with what application the part will be used in to suggest what type of iron can be used to meet the needs of the customer.

Call Allied Machinery today at (608) 604-0881 for more information on what the best type of iron is for your needs!