Allied Machinery is a global leader in providing a complete solution with world class castings, fabricated weldments, and ultra-high-quality CNC machining. These capabilities alone separate them from most of the competition. Moreover, the team at Allied credits much of its success to having the capacity to validate quality to its stakeholders.

Machine shops throughout the world boast to meet or exceed the specifications of their clients, while few can actually validate their promise. All suppliers have various means of inspecting its parts, but few have invested in capital equipment that is accurate and suitable to truly ensure repeatable and reliable results for inspecting components used in extremely demanding applications.

When Allied Machinery’s manufacturing group promises conformance to required standards, they not only machine to those specifications, but also have the means of validating it with its Leitz 40-30-25 CMM machine—one of the most accurate in North America certified to plus or minus 6 microns across the entire measuring envelope.

Leitz 40-30-25 CMM to size.
Understanding how important high quality is to its customers and how it translates to the longevity, reliability, ruggedness, and overall performance of the final product, the Leitz CMM is the heart of Allied’s manufacturing and quality processes. It is crucial to its customer base that this machine is capable of providing accurate inspection results suitable for large machined and fabricated components in industries including wind, rail, pumps, compressors, construction, agriculture, mining, aerospace, and aircraft. Its customers are savvy. They recognize the value of this cutting-edge technology, which equates to a better final product,  competitive pricing, on-time delivery—and keeps them coming back for more.

This CMM has opened the door for unique projects. Recently, one of those ventures included a 60-foot diameter ring gear as part of a ship assembly to retrieve equipment from an offshore oil rig during a hurricane. This makes it the largest installation of its type in the world. Since conventional gear manufacturing equipment is not capable of making a gear this size, and there is no means of logistically shipping it, the gear was comprised of 34 segments that were custom milled, inspected on the Leitz CMM, shipped to the customer, and assembled to a hub at the point of use site.

Moving into 2021, Allied Machinery will continue to invest in cutting-edge equipment and listen to customer demands to maintain its competitive advantage and provide a complete solution around the globe.